The research program at the School of Community and Population Health (SCPH) provides leadership, design and implementation of high quality, timely research and evaluation studies in the U.S. and abroad on health innovations, policies and programs related to access, delivery, cost, quality, and outcomes. Areas of specialization include studies of chronic disease prevention, community-based participatory research, infectious disease, and tobacco cessation.

Some current and recent projects include:

  • Evaluating the Downeast Community Health Regional Partnership's Type II Diabetes Prevention and Management Program (view Final Evaluation Report).
    Evaluating the Mount Desert Island Hospital’s Community Healthcare Worker Program impact on behavior changes of persons with pre-diabetes and diabetes
  • Evaluating the SAMHSA-funded Primary Behavioral Health Care Integration (PBHCI) – initiative in Washington and Penobscot counties Maine
  • Evaluating the CDC-funded Community Transformation Collaborative (CTG) prevention interventions in Downeast Maine
  • Conducting a statewide comprehensive community health assessment for OneMaine.
  • Evaluating the SAMHSA-funded Project LAUNCH early childhood interventions in Downeast Maine
  • Evaluating Maine’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-Ed)
  • Evaluating the Daniel Hanley Center for Health Leadership program
  • Evaluating the Healthy Maine Partnerships, the Partnership for a Tobacco-Free Maine, Maine Asthma, Maine Oral Health, Maine Suicide Prevention, and Maine Comprehensive Cancer programs
  • Conducting a health needs assessment of the Passamaquoddy Tribe in Washington County, Maine
  • Providing leadership and evaluation support for the Washington County Network for Health and Wellness
  • Supporting school compliance with an updated statewide school marketing policy to align with new federal competitive food standards
  • Examining a statewide law banning junk food and beverage marketing in schools (Maine Prevention Research Center)
  • CHOICES: comparing the comparative- and cost-effectiveness of two potential Maine-based interventions aimed at reducing childhood obesity, including policy changes and interventions that have been identified as effective, promising or prevalent (Maine Prevention Research Center)

In addition, our research programs have two geographically-based collaborative. The SCPH is a leader in the development of research projects and funding proposals with these partners.

  • The Ghana Health Partnership is a collaborative of UNE, the University of Cape Coast, Ghana Health Services and several health organizations, dedicated to improving the health of the people of Ghana.
  • The Downeast Health Collaborative is network composed of several UNE public health initiatives in partnership with health providers, tribal and local governments and community agencies in Washington and Hancock counties, Maine.