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Clinical Simulation Program


Debriefing is an important component of the clinical simulation experience at UNE because it allows learners to reflect on and interpret their performance. At the conclusion of each simulation scenario participants are given the opportunity to review their experience and will benefit by obtaining feedback from their peers and faculty.

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Skilled instructors may choose to utilize digital recordings of scenarios to enhance the debriefing process. This is accomplished using simultaneous digital recording to DVD, Quicktime and Flash formats using multiple video cameras strategically placed in each lab. Faculty is able to annotate and timestamp video as each scenario unfolds so that during the debriefing the exact spot in the case can be accessed without delay. Participants are able to review the digital recordings for purposes of self-evaluation and in order to obtain immediate constructive feedback.


Classroom instructors may take advantage of the simulation technology and provide ‘real time’ demonstrations of clinical interventions and procedures to large classes. This is facilitated through the transmission of live video feeds from the Simulation Labs to classrooms.

UNE Simlog
The Clinical Simulation Program blog, by the Clinical Simulation Program’s technical expert, covers the growing world of medical simulation.