Field Education

Your education is enhanced immeasurably by the field placements our program includes. These placements allow you to integrate theoretical knowledge with professional practice. We have created a unique structure to ensure you have individualized field experiences.

We offer:

  • Intensive experiences. You complete two field placements of 560 hours each, unless you are an Advanced Standing student, in which case you complete only one 560-hour field placement.
  • Personalized planning. Our full-time field faculty members work with you to find the agency/organization that best meets your educational goals.
  • Student choice. You interview with several agencies/organizations before making your decision. The School of Social Work has relationships with agencies in a wide range of practice contexts, including mental and physical health, poverty and homelessness, services for children and families, juvenile and criminal justice, treatment of addiction and trauma, community and political organizing, and arts-based justice work.
  • Flexibility. Your field placements can be completed over an entire academic year, or in more compact “blocks.” 
  • Supervision. You receive at least one and a half hours of field instruction per week from an MSW-level field instructor.
  • Support. Our field advisors lead weekly field seminars, giving you the opportunity to discuss your experiences with other students.