Student Experiences

Christian Carson 
Class of 2014

"The professional approach to instruction and flexibility make this program extremely challenging and rewarding.

"My fieldwork at Common Ties Mental Health sevices in Lewiston, Maine has served to provide me with a wonderful and educational experience in working with this population.  The Wellness and Recovery Center allows me the opportunity to work one on one with a variety of consumers.  We teach cooking skills, social skills, activities of daily living such as shopping, meal planning, and laundry services.  This is a hands on internship, as well as clinical.  I perform psychosocial assessments, run a support group, cook meals, provide resources, and provide socialization and encouragement to a diverse population."

Karina Carley
Class of 2013

"At the MSW program at UNE, professors are always available to their students.  They quickly respond to emails and phone calls and are easy to find for office hours and informal visits.  Faculty members are always willing to spend extra time with students, and they understand that graduate students have lives outside of the classroom.

"This past year I was involved in a research study/advocacy project about General Assistance (GA), a state mandated, city funded program that helps the most vulnerable of our neighbors.  What started as assisting a client at my internship turned into an advocacy project to address tremendous unmet need.  With the support of our professors, two classmates and I researched the GA, met with state representatives and city officials, interviewed consumers, wrote letters to news papers, and sent testimonies to advocate on our clients’ behalf.  The experience taught us invaluable lessons about how social work can work!"

Erin Bishop
Class of 2013

"I appreciate that all of my professors are very invested in the work and are concerned about our overall learning experience.  The School of Social Work is engaged in some innovative experiential learning experiences available to students.  Also, the MSW program at UNE values interprofessional collaboration and strongly encourages students to engage with other health professionals on campus.

"During the Fall 2012 semester, I engaged in a class/planning group that took place at the Cumberland County Jail with some inmates.  It provided an opportunity for all of us to have a discussion about jails, their purpose and how health is impacted when incarcerated.  We used the class time as a planning group for identifying unmet needs of the inmates and how UNE could assist in meeting these needs.  Some of the issues raised included:  maintaining health and minimal mental health services.   We engaged some of the students from the other disciplines on campus to take part in the collaboration.

"Currently the MSW students have had the opportunity to co-facilitate support groups in five pods at the jail.  The PA, OT, PT and nursing students will be hosting health workshops, exercise instruction utilizing available equipment and information about healthy eating habits.  This has been a great experience as it has given me the opportunity to work with an underserved population.  Also, it has given me the chance to practice working interprofessionally with other health care professionals. "

Kathleen Goularte
Class of 2016

"The fact that UNE offers the online environment option is a flexibility I really needed to provide time for my personal life, work, leisure time, and college goals.  An important feature offered by UNE is the national accreditation by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), necessary for licensing in most states to acquire the Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) qualification.  Additionally, the University of New England is regionally accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). 

"UNE also has excellent qualified professors that provide the necessary feedback to ensure I obtain the highest level of education possible to pursue any career in social work.  The program coordinators and financial advisors are very knowledgeable to provide the necessary information and support to understand everything a student needs complete my master’s degree, and help with any financial concerns along the way.  

"The online Blackboard is user friendly and provides access to fellow colleagues and students to learn from in discussions.  UNE offers workshops to help with assignments, library providing the necessary research to gain additional knowledge through peer-review publications, articles, and journals.  The website at UNE has access to alumni, registration, tools and resources, books, and email to keep the student abreast of current events, important news, and information to complete your degree. The classroom assignments and materials are easy to access and understand.  The librarian is readily available whenever a student has a question, and responds immediately.  Technical support follows up and performs quality services to help with any computer or programming issues. 

"I have enjoyed the videos offered to gain knowledge in the professional social work industry. It is extremely nice to have visual capabilities for those learners who need the hands on stimulation.  Every class project has been essentially important to my professional development because at this point I am a sponge that soaks in all the material necessary to become the highest qualified professional to help others in need. The choice of materials, articles, and books for the courses is phenomenal and great learning tools.  

"The library offers all the necessary research to complete each assignment in every course.  I enjoy the classroom assignment discussions most of all because you receive a variety of information from people of every walk of life, and from different age groups, gender, race, ethnicity, environments, and educational background. 

"The online environment is the best invention since automobiles, and I am grateful that this discovery has provided me with the opportunity to meet new students, professors, and learn in different and innovative ways. "

UNE Experience