UNE’s peer tutors are a select group of students who demonstrate subject proficiency as well as the interpersonal skills necessary for good working relationships. If you are interested in becoming a peer tutor, we suggest you do the following: 

  1. Read the Peer Tutor Recruitment Information
  2. Request a Peer Tutor Application from the Tutor Coordinator
  3. Schedule an interview with the Tutor Coordinator

Tutor Training

You are required to complete four hours of training before beginning work as a tutor. A further six hours of training (leading to CRLA certification) must be completed within one year of hire. Training topics include:

  • Conducting the tutoring session and dealing with difficult situations
  • Listening and communication skills
  • Learning styles
  • Learning differences — with an emphasis on learning disabilities
  • Study strategies

Some training is conducted through self-guided modules, observation, and self-assessment. All tutors receive individual feedback sessions from the tutor coordinator.

Once you complete the 10 hours of training and 25 hours of actual tutoring, you earn certification from the College Reading and Learning Association. Further training can be pursued to obtain advanced and master level tutor certification.

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