The Office of Pre-Health Professions Advising provides resources and support for all undergraduate students considering a career in the health professions, regardless of major. Any student can apply to graduate health profession programs, not just those with undergraduate degrees in the sciences. Our office will help you craft a sequence of courses that not only prepares you for graduate school, but allows you the opportunity to focus on your passion. Health professions are looking for people who:

  • Care deeply about other people, their problems, and their pain
  • Enjoy helping people with their skills and knowledge
  • Enjoy learning and gaining new understanding
  • Are interested in improving the lives of others

If this sounds like you, an appointment with the Pre-Health Advisor is the best place to start.

The Office of Pre-Health Professions Advising provides resources for first and second year students to assist you as you explore for a career in the health professions

Careers in the Health Professions

We also provide information about the various health professions to help you determine which area of expertise is right for you:

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