Preparing to Apply for Professional School

Preparing to apply to a graduate health professions program is a daunting task. There are application services, admissions test, and program prerequisites to be mindful of. The Office of Pre-Health Professions Advising helps you in applying to the various professional programs so that you are able to present your best self throughout the admissions process.

To help you prepare for the application process, check out our guide:

Applying to Professional School Guide

The Office of Pre-Health Professions Advising is able to assist with:

Application Information – Most professional schools use centralized application services. You apply directly to these services instead of applying to the various schools. These professional association applications services meet the needs of both participating member institutions as well as prospective students by providing applications in a standardized format. It is important to know the requirements of particular graduate programs to know the best approach to applications. The Office of Pre-Health Professions Advising is knowledgeable of application process and able to help you successfully navigate the process.

Admissions test info – Similar to the SAT and ACT, you are expected to perform successfully on admissions tests specific to your graduate program. For information regarding test prep options and when to take these exams, see the Pre-Health Professions Advisor.

Program prerequisites – Academic prerequisites are of the utmost importance when preparing to apply to graduate programs. While there are general requirements for most professional schools, the Office of Pre-Health Professions Advising is able to assist you as you prepare for these requirements.

Pre-Health Professions Advising Committee (PHPAC) letters – Our Pre-Health Professions Advising Committee's major function is writing committee letters of recommendation for professional schools. Many professional schools require committee letters if available, and most view committee letters favorably as part of a strong application.

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