Below are the courses the UNE Academy offered while in operation. Please note that these courses are no longer offered.

Digital Sciences Essentials


A key measure of success in the contemporary business world is whether someone can work effectively with computers and technology. The Academy of Digital Sciences Essentials Course seeks to provide you with a future-proof foundation in the basics of the digital sciences while working with computers and technology. The goal of the course is to supply learners with a high-quality education and relevant experience so that they are adequately prepared to live and thrive in our increasingly digital society, economy and culture.


Development and Programming

Do you like to solve problems by building things? Do you have a high attention to detail? Do you have an aptitude for the technical side of computers and technology?

Computer programmers and developers write and test code that allows computer applications and software programs to function properly. They are the people on a team who write the code that makes software work. They solve problems, test scenarios and create new functionality all by writing code.

ADS062 – Development and Programming Fundamentals

Get a hands-on introduction to computation and problem solving through programming. Learners will study the fundamental building blocks of programming and begin learning how to write fun, useful and practical code.

Interaction and Interface

Are you a visual problem solver? Do you enjoy changing how something looks or works so that it's easier to use? Does making a basic version of something and having people test it sound interesting to you?

User experience and user interface designers are team members who work on the bridge between software and consumer. They work with market research and develop systems that allow people to successfully use a company's product. The UX and UI designers on a team also help implement a design that might have been programmed by someone else.


This course provides a  project-based introduction to computational and digital learning that focuses on user interface and user interaction design. Learners will study why and how people use (or and don't use) a particular piece of software, and learn how to improve things so that the experience is better for the user and the company that makes it.

Analysis and Data

Are you data-driven and a good communicator? Do you seek out large amounts of information before making an important decision? Are you very comfortable with spreadsheets and reports? Do you have an affinity for making data relevant and valuable? Data analysts collect data and interpret it so that it can be used to make decisions. Successful data analysts are both great "number crunchers" and great communicators. They are the members of a team who help companies figure out which new customers to target, which problems to focus on and what the best return on investment will be in the future.

ADS066 - Analysis and Data Fundamentals

This course will give you a project-based introduction to how to collect, interpret and use data to make strategically sound decisions and improve systems. Topics covered will include the science behind data collection and analysis and ways data can be utilized to better understand problems and implement effective solutions.

Project Management 

Do you find yourself naturally leading groups of people? Do you tend to make a detailed, thoughtful plan and then act on it? Are you able to communicate effectively to both highly technical and nontechnical people? Are you goal oriented? Managers and strategic analysts plan, initiate and maintain projects. They are the members of a team who lead and guide the technical staff, and also work with the business staff as well. They make sure that goals are accomplished, standards are met and the team is working effectively.

ADS068 – Project Management Fundamentals

Learn how to analyze, plan, initiate, maintain and optimize digital project work a nd processes in this hands-on, project-centered course. Learners will learn how to utilize proven project management and strategy education, as well as techniques that have been proven to be the most effective method of delivering products within cost, schedule and resource constraints.