The Randall J. Cushing Collection of World War I and World War II Letters, 1914-1963


Finding aid prepared by Caitlin Tetreau and Jennifer Cox.

Collection number: BLC-CR
Title: Randall J. Cushing Collection of WW I and WW II Letters
Dates: 1914-1963


Collection Scope and Content

This is a collection of 27 portions of World War I and World War II letters by various soldiers and their families between 1918 and 1946. It contains the letters of 25 soldiers and one flight nurse, and their wives, girlfriends, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, friends and anyone else imaginable. The writers come from many fields, social classes, specialties and branches of the service. There are farmers and doctors and pastors. This collection provides a look at the experiences of a very broad sampling of soldiers and civilians during the world wars.


Arranged roughly chronologically.

Collection Contents

BLC-CR01    F. M. Beverly Collection, 1918-1920

BLC-CR02    Archie W. Legro Collection 1914-1945

BLC-CR03    Frank Baird Collection, 1942-1945

BLC-CR04    Donald Burney Collection, 1942-1949

BLC-CR05    Glenn Bush Collection, 1918-1939

BLC-CR06    Hilton Danielson Collection, 1942-1945

BLC-CR07    Ralph Deibel Collection, 1941-1945

BLC-CR08    William Dodd Collection, 1915-1919

BLC-CR09    Thomas Dolan Collection, 1942-1944

BLC-CR10    Albert Friend Collection, 1918 1919

BLC-CR11    Warren Houston Collection, 1944-1945

BLC-CR12    Clyde D. Jenkins Collection, 1936-1945

BLC-CR13    Harry T. Joubert Collection, 1942- 1945

BLC-CR14    Barbara Kioske Collection, 1937-1956

BLC-CR15    Long Family Collection, 1944-1946

BLC-CR16    Lord Family Collection 1941-1946

BLC-CR17    Ruth Lowderback Collection, 1930-1963

BLC-CR18    John McCarty Collection 1942-1943

BLC-CR19    Marilyn Meserve Collection, 1937-1943

BLC-CR20    Donald Nichols Collection, 1944

BLC-CR21    Joey S. Newman Collection, 1943-1945

BLC-CR22    Laurence Shorey Collection, 1942-1945

BLC-CR23    Ralph Slade Collection, 1942-1945

BLC-CR24    Robert Royden Ward Collection, 1942-1945

BLC-CR25    Paul J. White Collection, 1945-1946

BLC-CR26    Stuart Wiggin Collection, 1944-1946

BLC-CR27    Charles W. Willson Collection, 1940-1942