A Life Turned Sideways: The Breast Cancer Diaries


Ann Murray Paige

"So I’m watching the clock and looking for midnight. That’s usually the dark time of night but for this Cancer Maven it’s the bright side – as in, this day is over. A new day has begun. And I, for one, don’t plan to be waving my sorry thumb off the side of Sad Road tomorrow.” -  Blog entry, Sept. 23, 2011

Ann Murray Paige is a Mainer and former anchor with WCSH Channel 6, Portland, who has lived with advanced breast cancer for seven years.

She became an unwilling filmmaker, a breast cancer fighter, the author of two books, and an expert blogger after her surprise diagnosis of breast cancer while in her 30s.  Her film, "The Breast Cancer Diaries" is an unscripted and sometimes humorous documentary of her diagnosis and the year that followed. 

She now lives in California with her husband and two young children. This past summer she published Pink Tips, Breast Cancer Advice from Someone Who's Been There, culling her 50 best tips that got her through the worst year of her life.

Today, after a recurrence of breast cancer diagnosed a year ago, and in between blogging about living with cancer, scheduling chemo drips and life-saving surgery, she travels the world to motivate and inspire others to fight back and win against the "terrible" of life.

Come hear Paige share her story and tips in "A Life Turned Sideways: The Breast Cancer Diaries" at the University of New England's College of Pharmacy Hannaford Lecture Hall (Room 109) at 716 Stevens Avenue, Portland, on Sunday, Oct. 23rd.

Paige will discuss her experiences from 4-5 p.m. and will sign her book from 5-6 p.m.  Copies of the book and film will be available for sale.

Ann Partridge, M.D., M.P.H., of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School, says “‘pink tips’ is not just for patients with breast cancer, it is for anyone who has had to go through something tough in life. Basically, everyone could use a few ‘pink tips!’”

4:00 PM6:00 PM
College of Pharmacy Hannaford Lecture Hall, Room 109

Portland Campus

Free and open to the public