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Hippocrates Café: Conversations on Integrative Medicine

Themed Event

Dr. Gregory Nevens; Susan Reed, L.Ac., Alison Milne, R.N.

Please join our conversation about "The Art of Medicine," featuring Dr. Gregory Nevens, Health Psychologist and CAM practitioner and on the Board of Executives of the American Association of Integrative Medicine, who specializes in chronic pain, chronic illness and PTSD; Susan Reed, L.Ac., Classical Five-Element acupuncturist, who uses a constitutional approach in the treatment of acute and chronic illness and pain (physical, emotional, and spiritual), and in support of those struggling on their journeys of personal growth; and Alison Milne, R.N., who is a Hospice Nurse for Hospice of Southern Maine.

In this conversation, we hope to begin a dialogue about opening our hearts, minds and souls to the challenges of melding the Ancient and Traditional arts of healing in a new blend of Medicine designed to connect us to heal the Dis-eases of today.

This is the first in a series of seven conversations, in which we will travel through the Medicine Wheel to explore various modes of healing that engage with Old Wisdom, bringing Traditional Knowledge into the scientific realm of modern medical settings.


The League of Humanistic Scholars


Joe Wolfberg

Hippocrates Cafe Flyer
5:00 PM
Ludcke Auditorium

Portland Campus

Free and open to the public