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Jews and Muslims in History

Lecture Tangier Forum for Global Studies Lecture Series

Daniel Sibony

Daniel Sibony

Writer, Psychoanalyst and Philosopher

The lecture will deal with relations between Jews and  Arabs during Mohammed's era, the epoch of the dhimma, the Middle East situation, and will try to sketch some new ways of thinking about the conflict.


Daniel Sibony, writer, psychoanalyst, mathematician and professor, is the author of  more than 40 books . He was born in Marrakech in a Jewish family living in the Medina. His native language is Arabic and his cultural language is Biblical Hebrew. At the age of 5, he began to learn French. He emigrated to Paris at the age of 13.  After his education and obtaining a doctorate, he started working as an assistant professor of mathematics at the University of Paris at the age of 21. He was a professor at the University until 2000.  Meanwhile, he studied philosophy and obtained a  doctorate in 1985 (his dissertation committee included E. Levinas, J. T. Desanti, H. Atlan and Michel de Certeau). He became a psychoanalyst at age 32, after training with Jacques Lacan and his school. Neither Lacanian nor anti-Lacanian in his approach, Sibony has been hosting an independent seminar on therapeutic issues and creative and symbolic practices in their relation to the unconscious every year since 1974.


Jews and Muslims in History Event Poster
2:00 PM US EST
Tangier Campus Auditorium

Tangier Campus

Free and open to the public