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Understand the Brain: Building Connection in Families


 This training will inform participants of innovative ways to teach self-regulation and build connection in families with children and adolescents. Parents, caregivers and service providers spend long hours with their charges, utilizing - to the best of their ability - all the information they have about child development and discipline strategies. However, a key aspect of this dynamic is the ability to identify and manage their own emotional state. Utilizing the triune brain model, at this training participants will work on deepening their understanding of themselves and human behavior.  It will teach ways to stay calm, regulate emotions and remain connected to the rational part of the brain, in order to most effectively help caregivers manage normal and extreme childhood behaviors. 

Training objectives: 

  • Explore multiple ways to build emotional competence.
  • Discuss strategies for bringing awareness and understanding to emotional lives.
  • Identify and describe multiple ways of teaching children and caregivers about the triune brain and self-regulation. 



Nicole O'Brien

(207) 221-4575

9:00 AM

Portland Campus

Free training - registration required: click blue box to register