IPE Shared Learning: Empowering Cultural Education - Learning From and With Immigrant Leaders

Forum Interprofessional Education Collaborative

Empowering Cultural Education

Panelists from Greater Portland Health, UNE Dental School, Maine Medical Center and Maine Health will discuss achieving better health outcomes by learning about cultural differences.

The immigration experience impacts physical, oral, and behavioral health. Members of the immigrant, refugee and asylee communities will engage students in working with language and cultural barriers to achieve better communication and health outcomes. 

Susan Doughty - Maine Health
Cate Gaynor - Greater Portland Health
Erika Fransworth - Greater Portland Health
Dr. Lucy Amory - MMC
Dr. Owosho - UNE Dental School

This event can be viewed from any computer via LIVESTREAM http://stream.une.edu/events

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IPEC and the UNE School of Social Work




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12:00 PM1:30 PM
Ludcke Auditorium (PC)/ Decary 202 (BC)

Both Campuses

Free and open to the public

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