Opening Reception of Images of Children/ Images of Youth: Period and Contemporary Photographs


Curated by Stephen K. Halpert

Exhibit dates January 11, 2018- April, 1 2018

What is the definition of a child? For many of us the word may conjure up an image of someone young and small, perhaps vulnerable and dependent. But societies, laws and customs may not conform to that. What is the age of consent, of driving a car, buying cigarette, serving in the army? Of having a crime tried in juvenile court? What do their cultures call the ten-year-old armed soldiers spreading terror in distant villages? (For parents they are our children forever.)

In this exhibition, photographs from around the world, shot just yesterday, or a near-century ago, depict the protected nursing infant, the hard working field hand, the fear of abandonment, the joy of friends swimming in the river. The age cut is arbitrary. Images of Children knowingly expands the term. Here are a hundred fine photographs, many from the University’s own collection, and many by Maine artists working today.



5:00 PM7:00 PM
Art Gallery

Portland Campus

Free and open to the public