DMD - ASDA District One Leadership Conference

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ASDA District One

DMD - American Student Dental Association.  The District One Annual Leadership Conference is a time for dental students from UNE, Tufts, BU, Harvard, and UConn to come together for educational and social activities. There will be a lecture series (with dental and pre-dental tracts), lunch, hands-on learning activities, and a Gala at Bayside Bowl, Portland hosted by ASDA District One.   Boston/UConn students will be transported by bus from their respective schools.  8:00am to 10:00pm.  Conference held in Innovation Hall 101, 102, 104/116 for the event/breakout sessions as well as the OHC simulation clinic (room 131) for the hands on activities.


Innovation 104/116
716 Stevens Avenue
Portland, ME 04103


Greta Castonguay

(207) 400-9123

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8:00 AM
Innovation 104/116

Portland Campus

Open to DMD students - registration though ASDA District One