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IP - Infectious Disease Association - Antibiotic Awareness Week

Student Organization

IP - Infectious Disease Association - Antibiotic Awareness Week.  November 18-22 is Antibiotic Awareness Week! IDA is hosting a week long informational tabling event in the Alexander Nor'Easter Cafeteria, wrapping up on Friday with an antibiotic themed game of Jeopardy. Students who visit our table during the lunchtime tabling will have the chance to be entered into a raffle for prizes/gift cards. No ticket purchase is required for the raffle.

M O N D A Y : P E N I C I L L I N  A L L E R G Y  D A Y
T U E S D A Y : A P P R O P R I A T E  A N T I B I O T I C S  D A Y
W E D N E S D A Y : A N T I B I O T I C  R E S I S T A N C E
T H U R S D A Y : F I N D  &  F O L L O W  G U I D E L I N E S
F R I D A Y : I D A  G B M  I N  B L E W E T T 1 1 5


Madeleine Seeley

(207) 221-4267

12:00 PM1:00 PM
Alexander Nor'Easter Cafe

Portland Campus

Open to all Graduate and Professional Students