Minor in Chemistry Curriculum


A student with a major in another department may minor in Chemistry with the permission of the Chemistry and Physics Department Chair.  Twenty-three hours of course work is required for the Minor in Chemistry as specified below. This minor indicates a significant level of accomplishment in the important foundation areas of Chemistry.

Minor Required Courses 23

CHE 110/110L - General Chemistry I **

CHE 111/111L - General Chemistry II ** 4

CHE 210/210L or CHE 210G/210LG  - Organic Chemistry I **


CHE 211/211L or CHE 211G/211LG -  Organic Chemistry II **

CHE 307/307L - Quantitative Analysis  5`

The chemistry course grade point average must be maintained at 2.00 (C) or better.  

** The following course substitutions may be made with department advisor permission: CHE 150 for CHE 110; CHE 151 for CHE 111; CHE 250 for CHE 210 or CHE 210G; and/or CHE 251 for CHE 211 or CHE 211G.