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Into the Schools

A male teacher works with students in a high school classroom Starting during your first semester in one of our teacher preparation programs, you work with children in school settings and observe experienced teachers practicing the skills and techniques you’re studying. You visit these field settings in the local community during every semester in which you are taking courses in our department. The visits allow you to carry out specific course-related tasks such as conducting observations, teaching lessons, conducting experiments and administering assessments. 

Student Teaching Internship

Toward the end of your program, you complete a 15-week student teaching internship at a school that is in close proximity to one of UNE's campuses and has a preexisting relationship with UNE. Because our Department of Education has cultivated collaborative relationships with these schools through the years, we have come to know their cultures and faculty members well. We rely on them and they rely on us to place student teachers in classrooms where they will gain meaningful learning experiences and where the local students will benefit too.  

Professional Education Review Board (PERB)

All undergraduate students enrolled in the internship and students completing the post-baccalaureate Teacher Certification Program (TCP) must demonstrate their competence and understanding of the InTASC standards before the PERB. The board is comprised of professional educators from area schools, as well as UNE faculty.