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Employment of environmental scientists and specialists is expected to increase by 15 percent between 2012 and 2022, faster than the average for all occupations, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Environmental Careers

Job growth has been strong in the environmental fields in recent years, as the impact of human activities on the environment has come under greater public and political scrutiny. After completing your studies at UNE, you might pursue a position in air and water resource management, ecological restoration, education, habitat conservation, park management, field research, journalism, environmental advocacy, environmental impact assessment, environmental law, and regulation, or environmental health.

You might work for a government environmental agency, a nonprofit group, an environmental consulting firm, or a private company seeking to comply with environmental laws and regulations through environmentally responsible policies and procedures. If you opt to follow the Secondary Education Track you might also pursue a position as a middle school or high school science teacher.

You may also pursue an advanced degree in one of the environmental disciplines.

Job Search

Department of Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences Job Board
This website provides information on jobs, volunteer opportunities, and internships pertaining to Wildlife and Fisheries.

Earthworks jobs
This site provides a list of natural science jobs in Europe. It includes positions in geology, hydrology, environmental health, archeology, and many other areas.

Environmental Career Info
This site has a large database of government, nonprofit and private business jobs. It allows you to search by company or organization and gives you a wide variety of categories. It also allows you to post your resume on its site.

Environmental Jobs
This site lists jobs in categories of Environmental Science, Advocacy and Policy, Renewable Energy, Environmental Engineering, and Health and Safety. It also lists international openings.
Green Dream Jobs
This site provides a large database of environmental jobs. Positions can be searched by state, country, skill level (internships included), and a wide variety of categories (agriculture, education, outreach, etc.). 

A Guide to Green Careers
This site provides a list of experts who completed “green” degrees and offers advice on how to use an environmental degree in the job market. Find tips on funding a “Green Education,” trends in the environmental fields, finding internships, and lists of eco-friendly non-profits across the country. 

This site provides national and global job openings, volunteer possibilities, and internships at non-profits. A great array of full and part-time positions, paid and unpaid internships, and more in eco-friendly, wildlife, and marine non-profits. 

USA Jobs
This is a database of all available federal jobs. Create your own resume and send it to potential government employers for free. 


Career Advising

Whatever path you choose to pursue, Career Advising can help you plan your next step.

Research Opportunities

Undergraduate Student Research

Find out more about undergraduate student research and scholarship opportunities.



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