UNE Experience

Not only do you get to take advantage of the overall UNE experience — but our Global Studies major offers aspects you can't get anywhere else. 

Only at UNE

  • It is highly unusual for a college of our size and character (i.e., fewer than 2,000 undergraduates with very few non-science/health majors) to offer an interdisciplinary major such as Global Studies.
  • There is no other university that requires two full semesters of study abroad.
  • Few students have study abroad opportunities at no additional cost or that offer lab science courses.
  • UNE’s program is more genuinely interdisciplinary than most as typical GS programs find their foundation and identity in either political science or world language departments. UNE’s program draws on no fewer than ten different disciplines.
  • The Global Studies program does not require an internship, but UNE’s colleges have internship resources to connect students to internships abroad. Our intention is to integrate internships and real-world experience into this major as often and as thoroughly as possible.