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In our Philosophy program, you consider the relationships between the mind and the body, appearance and reality, truth and opinion, right and wrong, the individual and society, humans and nature, God and the world, and so on. Through this contemplation, you hone your skills of critical thinking and effective argumentation.

Our seaside campus on the shores of Biddeford Pool provides an ideal setting for you to examine life as a philosopher. Inside our classrooms, meanwhile, you find coursework that introduces questions eminently relevant to our modern lives, in courses like the Philosophy of the Red Sox, and the Philosophy of Friendship, Love, Sex and Marriage.    

Our Philosophy program also offers courses in religious studies. In these classes, you gain historical and comparative understandings of the world’s religious traditions. You examine the spiritual beliefs, practices, and rituals of various peoples to better understand the importance of religious faith in providing a source of human value and meaning.

If you'd like to do more than minor in Philosophy, you can apply for a personal major.

To learn more about the program, see the Curriculum or visit the Catalog.