CAS Internship Learning Outcomes

Upon Internship Completion You Will

  • Develop or enhance your understanding of an organization’s structure, behavior, communications, management style, and performance expectations in a professional position related to a field of inquiry.
  • Experience or observe at least one role in a professional organizational setting in order to:
    • Enhance the learning experience beyond that provided in your coursework
    • Develop or refine and apply professionalism, work ethics, and communications skills
    • Possess enhanced problem-solving abilities
    • Possess improved critical thinking skills
  • Demonstrate academic, personal, and professional credentials through academic assignments such as the development of a professional portfolio.
  • Demonstrate and document that you have considered, critiqued, evaluated, tested, inquired, and performed, and subsequently learned from the internship position through academic assignments such as completing a reflective learning journal or reflection paper.
  • Summarize the internship experience, learning, and outcomes through completing an internship self-evaluation.
  • Reflect upon the perception of a professional within your discipline who critiques your knowledge, skills, and personal growth through the receipt and review of a supervisor’s evaluation.