Undergraduate Programs

Our undergraduate programs cover a wide range of topics in the marine sciences, designed to match the dynamic career opportunities this coming "ocean century" brings. Whether you're interested in pursuing further research, conservation, policy, advocacy, business, entrepreneurship, the marine economy or education — or some combination — our degrees offer the experience and research/internship opportunities you need to become a leader in the marine sciences.

Marine Sciences

The Marine Sciences program examines all facets of the marine environment, with two different tracks to choose from: marine biology and oceanography. Learn more >

Marine Affairs

The Marine Affairs program focuses on the institutions that oversee coastal and marine systems and how humans impact the oceans. Learn more >

Aquaculture and Aquarium Sciences

Aquaculture and Aquarium Sciences, a joint biology/marine science program, trains you for a career in growing and marketing both marine and freshwater organisms, or in maintaining the health and viability of aquarium collections. Learn more >

Marine Entrepreneurship

This unique major combines business studies with marine science, giving future leaders the skills and experience they need to run companies and organizations in the marine science space. Learn more >

Marine Sciences and Applied Mathematics 

The Marine Sciences and Applied Mathematics Double Major emphasizes computer-based mathematical modeling and statistical analysis to address the ocean challenges of the 21st century. Learn more >

Most of our programs offer minors in addition to majors. Visit each program page for more details. 

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