Beyond the Classroom

We offer a range of experiential learning activities geared toward math students, as well as opportunities for you to apply your math skills to real world problems in internships in the surrounding community.


As a Mathematical Sciences major, you are encouraged to put the knowledge and skills you gain in the department to work solving real world problems. The College of Arts and Sciences Internship Office will guide you in researching, applying for and completing an internship that counts for course credit. Internships may be completed near campus during either semester of the academic year, at home over the summer, or overseas. Typically, our Mathematical Sciences majors pursue internships at sites like government agencies, private laboratories, research facilities, banks, financial companies, schools, tutoring centers, insurance agencies and hospitals. The semester prior to your internship, begin the application process by contacting the College of Arts and Sciences Internship Office.

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Student Academic Success Center

The Student Academic Success Center is the home of developmental mathematics at UNE, including faculty offices and tutoring services. The developmental mathematics courses at UNE are designed to provide you with the skills necessary for success in college level mathematics and other classes with mathematics prerequisites.

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The Math Club

The Math Club provides activities and events for those interested in solving problems and learning about how math is used in other disciplines. You are welcome to join or visit one of our meetings no matter what your major is at UNE.  

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