We offer a range of experiential learning activities geared toward math students, as well as opportunities for you to apply your math skills to real-world problems in internships in the surrounding community.


As a Mathematical Sciences major, you are encouraged to put the knowledge and skills you gain in the program to work solving real-world problems. The College of Arts and Sciences Internship Office will guide you in researching, applying for and completing an internship that counts for course credit. Internships may be completed near campus during either semester of the academic year, at home over the summer, or overseas. Typically, our Mathematical Sciences majors pursue internships at sites like government agencies, private laboratories, research facilities, banks, financial companies, schools, tutoring centers, insurance agencies, and hospitals. The semester prior to your internship, begin the application process by contacting the College of Arts and Sciences Internship Office.


No matter what your major is within the College of Arts and Sciences, you can participate in undergraduate research projects that engage you in the process of creating new knowledge in your field. As an Applied Mathematics major you will engage in a research project, often including original research, with a faculty advisor. 

Potential collaborative research projects include


  • Tree-like Polyphenyl Systems
  • Gene network identification using Max Flow/Min Cut
  • Applications of Google’s PageRank algorithm to infectious disease transmission networks
  • Vibrational spectra of highly symmetric graphs
  • Games on graphs
  • Food webs and competition graphs
  • Attack and defense in graphs modeling international relations/Roman Defenses
  • Conway’s Game of Life on alternate graphs
  • Minimizing luck in games of low chance
  • Modeling and optimizing organ exchange and donor systems


  • Max/Min determinants of certain (0,1) matrices with fixed row sums
  • Max/Min norms and condition numbers for matrices with prescribed determinant and Frobenius norm
  • Rank invariant, the eigen-invariant, or the row (column) spaces invariant linear maps


  • Effectiveness of technology in the classroom
  • Inquiry-based learning in Pre-Calculus and Calculus courses
  • Formative assessment for understanding concepts in secondary mathematics

Clubs and Organizations

Your time at UNE also includes valuable experiences outside the academic setting, with more than 90 student clubs, ranging from outdoor recreation to our student newspaper to a student theater company, allow you to interact with other students and faculty members in the ways that matter most to you. 

The Math Club

The Math Club provides activities and events for those interested in solving problems and learning about how math is used in other disciplines. You are welcome to join or visit one of our meetings no matter what your major is. In addition to bi-weekly meetings, the Math Club provides activities and events for those interested in solving problems and learning about how math is used in other disciplines. If you are interested in joining you can learn more about the Mathematics Club through our Get Involved portal, or contact current co-presidents Shawn Pilling and Jillian Spero.



The mission of the Intramural Sports program is to provide fun and safe activities for the UNE community for the purpose of promoting growth and development, positive interpersonal relationships, and healthy lifestyles. The UNE Intramural Sports program offers all undergraduate, graduate, faculty, and professional staff 22+ opportunities to engage in a wide variety of recreational activities. These activities are open to men and women and include both team and individual sport activities.

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