Applied Mathematics

The Applied Mathematics program prepares you to harness the power of mathematics for modeling and analysis in a wide range of fields. The work being done today in finance, media, marketing, web analytics, government, political science, psychology, the social sciences and medicine relies increasingly on sophisticated mathematical methods.

With a mathematics degree you also find career opportunities in more traditional math fields like applied mathematics, actuarial science, banking, economics, education, finance, research and statistics.

A degree in mathematics also prepares you for graduate school or a professional program. Data from the Association of American Medical Colleges has shown that the mean MCAT score of applied mathematics majors is higher than the scores of majors in the biological sciences or any other discipline.

Visit the Mathematical Association of America website for more information about careers in math.

Did you know?

The National Security Agency (NSA) is the largest employer of mathematicians in the United States. The NSA coordinates, directs and performs highly specialized activities to protect U.S. government information systems and produce foreign signals intelligence information. The NSA has opportunities for internships and permanent placements for people with bachelor’s, master's and doctoral degrees in mathematics.

Double Major in Applied Mathematics
and Marine Sciences 

With a double major in Applied Mathematics and Marine Sciences, you will have a wide variety of career opportunities in such fields as marine resource evaluation and sustainability, species population dynamics, and data systems management.