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Bachelor of Science in Data Science

With human- and machine-generated data increasing rapidly, the need for skilled data scientists to analyze, predict, and harness this data is greater than ever. In fact, Glassdoor has named data scientist as the best job in America for three consecutive years due to its dramatic growth, high earning potential, and overall job satisfaction. As a data science major at UNE, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge needed to excel in this exciting field, positioning you for success in a wide range of careers.

UNE’s Data Science program gives you the opportunity to apply your passion for mathematical modeling and computing to problems involving the analysis of data and the design of systems for making predictions, information extraction, and decision-making. As a Data Science student, you’ll first establish a strong foundation in essential mathematics and computing through courses in computer programming and applied mathematics. You’ll then develop expertise in data mining, predictive modeling, and data visualization, while gaining exposure to Big Data and emerging technologies.

Industry partnerships with local employers provide opportunities for project-based based learning throughout your studies, including a senior practicum. These partnerships have also created pathways to permanent employment for our Mathematical Sciences graduates.

UNE alumna Destiny Martin on careers in math and data science

"Analytical and critical thinking are the most important skills that I gained through my studies in the Department of Mathematical Sciences. It is easy to know what the problem is, but it’s trickier to break it down into solvable parts and find the best way to solve it. After taking math classes, where I had to always be thinking analytically and critically, I found it easier to apply those skills to out-of-classroom concepts. I’ve found this background to be extremely valuable in my career." 

- Hanna Sihler, B.S. '18 (Oceanography and Biophysics). Software Test Engineer at Idexx.

To learn more about the program, see the Curriculum or visit the Catalog, and check out our Facebook page.