Lydia Pinard
The fact that I can study oceanography as an undergraduate student is a wonderful opportunity that I couldn’t find at other places.
Kayla Archambault
[The small class sizes make it] so I’ve been able to easily connect with professors...and get more in-depth one-on-one time. It makes it easier to go to office hours or get more familiar with the professors.
Chemistry, Applied Mathematics
Headshot of Shanley Camara
Getting to work with real data and help make decisions for the department is real-life problem solving. It’s awesome.
Data Science
Susan Bell
I see my students in the classroom, but I also see them on extracurricular trips and around campus. It’s an interactive space where students have the opportunity to build relationships with faculty.
Hannah Sihler
After taking math classes, where I had to always be thinking analytically and critically, I found it easier to apply those skills to out-of-classroom concepts.
Applied Mathematics, Biophysics
Ashlee Tiberio
I have been committed to a career in data science/analysis for a little over a year now and I'm glad I have found a perfect fit for me. My interest skyrocketed after taking the three statistics courses that are required for the math major.
Applied Mathematics
Testimonial Place Holder
I've come to realize more and more how my math training at UNE is really helping me understand Chemistry better.
Joe Langdan
My research assessing the potential impacts of recreational fishing on cod populations would be impossible without a strong background in mathematics.
Applied Mathematics
Testimonial Place Holder
A marine scientist with a math background will be set apart from other job applicants and can use their knowledge to create innovative solutions to research problems.
Applied Mathematics
cassidy peterson
Regardless of the job market, there will always be a place for researchers who bridge the disciplines of math and biology.
Applied Mathematics
Joselle OBrien
Having spent a year thus far in grad school, I am already aware of how fruitful my Mathematics education at UNE has been...
Applied Mathematics

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