The University of New England is a proud member of our community and enjoys the chance to become more involved with the people and programs of the area. For UNE students interested in working with local children and youth, the College Community Mentoring Program (CCMP) provides an opportunity to mentor at in-school and after-school programs. The involvement of CCMP mentors aligns with the University’s mission of enhancing the quality of lives of students and the community it serves.

UNE is a member of the York County Mentoring Partnership and the Maine Mentoring Partnership. Through these organizations, we keep abreast of current best practices in mentoring.

To become a mentor, UNE students must complete several steps.

  1. Application Process
    • Interested UNE students complete an application and interview with the CCMP coordinator. Two reference checks are conducted, a background check may also be required.
  2. Training Process
    • All student-mentors attend a two-hour mentor training session before beginning their assignments. Students learn mentoring roles, CCMP guidelines and valuable mentoring skills. Topics also include mandated reporting and child development. Midway through each term, mentors participate in a follow-up training and reflection session.
  3. Why Students Mentor at the CCMP sites
    • UNE students mentor for a number of reasons. Becoming a mentor provides a chance to connect with children, give back to the community and make a difference. Mentors may simply enjoy working with children and find a CCMP site that works with their class schedule. The CCMP mentoring experience may be used to fulfill a Citizenship 400 Seminar service-learning requirement. It may also provide an opportunity for career exploration or professional experience.

For more information email Melissa Klemt.

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