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U N E professor Brian Duff holds up a copy of Alexis de Tocquville's book Democracy in America Political Science

As a Political Science major on our seaside campus in Biddeford, you study government, individual and institutional behavior in the public sector, relations among nation-states and theories of politics.

You address the fundamental issues confronting modern society–globalization, war, inequality, poverty, the environment, etc.–and evaluate the processes, policies, and theories that have been devised to deal with them.

As a Political Science major you can choose:

  • A general concentration, which provides wide exposure to the fields of political science.
  • A pre-law concentration.
  • An environmental politics concentration.
  • A global politics concentration, which offers an opportunity to focus on foreign political systems and international relations.

You enjoy small classes led by faculty members who provide you with a great deal of personal attention. During your senior year, you work with a faculty advisor to research and write a senior essay on a topic of your choice.

You also benefit from a variety of campus lectures, like a recent one by world-renowned linguist and political activist Noam Chomsky on "Arab Spring, American Winter," and another by environmentalist Bill McKibben on "Making a Life on a Tough New Planet." You may also attend myriad events related to the health professions and sciences that encourage you to consider the political implications of the scientific and medical issues of our time.

To learn more about the program see the Curriculum, or visit the Catalog.

Secondary Education

If you hope to one day be a high school or middle school social studies teacher, you can enroll in the necessary secondary education courses at UNE to meet the standards for State of Maine certification (grades 7-12) upon graduation. To learn more about the program see the Curriculum, or visit the Catalog.


The Political Science Department also offers a minor in Political Science and a minor in Health, Law & Policy.

Also, find out more about our Pre-Law Program.