As an Animal Behavior major, you gain the knowledge and skills to work with animals in zoos, conservation parks, marine parks, veterinary hospitals and university research labs.

With your degree, you may also apply for admission to a variety of graduate programs or to veterinary school. While each veterinary program has its own prerequisites, by strategically choosing electives to complement your Animal Behavior major, you may gain the prerequisites needed to satisfy most veterinary schools.

Students often enter UNE thinking they want to major in Marine Biology, but later transfer to Animal Behavior after discovering they are mostly interested in training, managing and influencing marine animal behavior. If this is your passion, Animal Behavior is the right choice for you.

Visit the Animal Behavior Society website for more information.

Four Alumni Careers

Meghan Walsh '09
Laboratory coordinator/ zebra fish facility manager at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, in Manhattan, NY. 

Amanda Toussaint '08
Zoo keeper at The Living Desert, in Palm Desert, CA.

Jillian Morris '05
Professional videographer and shark naturalist/ocean advocate and co-owner of a conservation media group called Oceanicallstars, creating conservation-minded videos, images, educational tools and graphics.

Carey Mullen '98
Senior marine mammal trainer at Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, CT.

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