patricia long
Academic Director & Professor, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Affiliated Faculty, Women's and Gender Studies
Decary Hall 324
Linda Morrison
Associate Professor of Psychology
Mental Health Rehabilitation Certification Program Coordinator
Women's and Gender Studies Program
Decary Hall 323
Jennifer Stiegler-Balfour
Associate Professor, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Decary Hall 352
Mike Burman
Professor of Psychology
Chair, College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Assembly
Decary Hall 328
Christina Leclerc, Ph. D.
Associate Teaching Professor
Decary Hall 353
Headshot of Julie Peterson
Program Director, Women's and Gender Studies
Associate Professor of Psychology
School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Decary Hall 349
default avatar
Assistant Lecturer
Decary Hall 325
Zach Olson
Associate Professor of Animal Behavior and
Assistant Academic Director, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Decary Hall 335
Christina Perazio
Assistant Teaching Professor
Decary Hall 325
Headshot of Hillary Powell
Assistant Professor of Psychology
default avatar
Assistant Professor of Animal Behavior
Decary 331
Glenn Stevenson
Professor of Psychology
Decary Hall 329

Professional Staff

Seth Davis
Research Associate/Lab Manager
default avatar
Administrative Assistant
Decary Hall 334


default avatar
Professor Emeritus of Psychology

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