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Four U N E students walk across a cobblestone plaza in Seville, Spain

Global Opportunities

Apart from opportunities to spend a semester abroad in Tangier, Morocco, Seville, Spain, and elsewhere, you also may take shorter faculty-led trips to places of historic interest. If you would like to extend the learning you do in the classroom into the field, the Global Education Program offers scholarships to help offset the travel costs. 



As a Psychology major you must complete at least one internship during your junior or senior years. Working in conjunction with your faculty advisor and the psychology internships coordinator, you identify a site, then take the theories, practices and knowledge you’ve gained on campus into the field. Here are two examples of our students' internships:

Alyssa Garvey at the
Center for Grieving Children

While studying at UNE, I had the opportunity to take on a year-long internship at the Center for Grieving Children which is a nonprofit organization located in Portland with a satellite office in Sanford. The Center provides a safe place where children and teens can come to terms with their grief due to a significant loss. Grief is different for everyone and through peer support, children and teens have a safe place to share and understand their feelings and process grief in a healthy way.  

As a facilitator for a bereavement group for teens, I was in charge of creating activities that helped participants to grieve and understand that they were not alone. My main goals were to be present and empathic and to help group members be there for each other. The Center runs on a peer support model, so it is not therapy, but I definitely learned skills that improved my understanding of the therapeutic process.  

While at the Center, I was also involved in several outreach projects at local schools. I was exposed to the community that the Center serves and I was able to understand the way a nonprofit runs and also how much volunteers are appreciated.  In addition, I conducted a program evaluation, so the Center now has measures that will enable it to track how well its program is doing.
One of the best parts of the internship at the Center was the support that I got. There was an internship meeting every week and volunteers were encouraged to check in about whatever feelings they had. Also, the meetings covered topics that were very helpful to the work I did at the Center. 

This was an amazing internship experience and it gave me the opportunity to meet many people in the field.

Zachary Rioux at
BerryDunn Consulting 

During the summer of 2013, I interned for BerryDunn, an accounting and consulting firm based in Portland, Maine. I worked with their Government Consulting Group and focused on serving the organization, information technology, and management needs of local, state, and federal government agencies. My role at BerryDunn entailed developing and editing reports, researching best practice methods, and assisting various consultants with their everyday activities. In addition, I was lucky enough to work on a number of projects stationed throughout the U.S., some of which were in Massachusetts, West Virginia, New Hampshire, Vermont, Missouri, Alberta, Canada, Texas, and Florida. The internship was not only challenging, but incredibly interesting. It truly tested my limits and because of that, I wholeheartedly enjoyed every day of work. Among an unbelievable amount of other things, this internship taught me the ins and outs of professionalism and truly made me realize what I want to do and where I want to be upon graduation. 

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