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Faculty and Staff

As a Psychology major you benefit from the extensive expertise of our faculty in the areas of human development, clinical psychology, cognitive neuroscience, learning and memory, social psychology, the biological basis of behavior and animal modeling.

Apart from our tenure track faculty who have doctoral degrees in their specialties, we also have two licensed clinicians on our faculty, which is very rare among undergraduate programs across the country.  

Since many of our students are interested in clinical/counseling psychology as a future health profession, we have faculty that can assist you in pursuing that path.

Full-time Faculty

Christina Leclerc, Ph. D.

Associate Lecturer

(207) 602-2163

Decary Hall

Dr. Christina Leclerc is an Associate Lecturer in the psychology department with training in lifespan developmental psychology (with a research focus on the aging portion of the lifespan), as well as the cognitive and affective neural mechanisms of age-related change.   Dr. Leclerc is currently teaching Introduction to Psychology, Lifespan Development in Context, and Research Methods in Psychology.   Read More


Developmental Psychology

Linda Morrison

Associate Professor of Psychology

Mental Health Rehabilitation Certification Program Coordinator

Women's and Gender Studies Program

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

(207) 602-2865

Decary Hall

Dr. Linda L. Morrison joined the faculty in the Psychology Department at UNE in 1995.  She has served as the Assistant Chair and Chair of the Department as well as her current service as the Program Coordinator of the MHRT/C minor program.  She is a founding faculty member of the Women's and Gender Studies Program and has served on a variety of faculty committees including the University Faculty Assembly, Core Curriculum Assessment, and Multicultural Affairs committees.  

Dr. Morrison has a... Read More


Violence Prevention

Clinical and Counseling Psychology

Gender Issues

LGBT Awareness

Multicultural Awareness

Jennifer Stiegler-Balfour

Associate Professor of Psychology

Program Coordinator, Psychology

(207) 602-2162

Decary Hall

Read More


Cognitive psychology; memory processes underlying reading comprehension; reading interventions; and learning.

Mike Burman

Associate Professor

Chair, College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Assembly

(207) 602-2301

Decary Hall

I am broadly interested in studying negative emotionality and pain using behavioral neuroscience techniques using a developmental lens.  I enjoy teaching at both the introductory and upper levels.

 Read More


Behavioral neuroscience

animal behavior

learning and memory



brain development

Brain Research relating to behavior

patricia long

Clinical Professor & Chair, Department of Psychology

Affiliated Faculty, Women's and Gender Studies

(207) 602-2099

Decary Hall

Trish Long joined UNE in 2014 as Clinical Professor and Chair of the Psychology Department.  Her area of specialization is Clinical Psychology and her interests span the issues of sexual victimization, abnormal psychology, psychological research & statistical methods, and gender issues.  Dr. Long’s research investigates both the factors associated with the perpetration of rape and sexual assault and the mental health issues experienced by survivors of sexual victimization.   She invites students who are interested in participating in research on these... Read More


Clinical Psychology

Psychological Research & Statistical Methods

Psychology of Gender

Sexual Victimization

Julie Longua Peterson, Ph.D.

Program Director, Women's and Gender Studies

Associate Professor of Psychology

Decary Hall
On Sabbatical From: Fall 2017 to Spring 2018

Julie Longua Peterson is an Associate Professor of psychology at the University of New England and the principal investigator of the Self and Close Relationships Lab.  Her program of research investigates the ways in which explicit (conscious, controlled) and implicit (unconscious, automatic) self and relationship processes influence how people navigate the ups and downs of daily life (e.g., acceptance, rejection).  Julie's courses include Introduction to Psychology, Social Psychology, Research Methods, Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies, and a seminar in Self... Read More


Explicit and Implicit self-esteem; self-regulation; the role of the self in close relationships (e.g.

romantic relationships)

faculty photo

Assistant Lecturer

(207) 602-2917

Decary Hall

Dr. Nicole McCray is an assistant lecturer in the psychology department. She is a Developmental Psychologist with a research emphasis on infant and early childhood psychosocial development. Dr. McCray is currently teaching Introduction to Psychology, Lifespan Development, and Human Learning.Read More


Developmental Psychology


Ashley Moore


Visiting Assistant Lecturer

(207) 602-2464

Decary Hall

Ashley Moore is a Visiting Assistant Lecturer of Psychology at the University of New England. She teaches courses primarily required for psychology majors, but that students in many other majors and minors take as well.  These courses include Abnormal Psychology, Lifespan Development in Context, Theories of Personality, and Community Psychology.  She also currently acts as the interim Psychology Internship instructor and coordinator.  Ashley’s graduate studies in Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine focused on the clinical application of Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine... Read More


Mental Health Counseling

Behavioral Medicine

Zach Olson

Assistant Professor of Animal Behavior

(207) 602-2766

Decary Hall


animal behavior

Behavioral ecology

Community Ecology



Molecular Ecology and Conservation Genetics

Wildlife Conservation

Christina Perazio

Assistant Lecturer, Animal Behavior Major

(207) 602-2785

Decary Hall

As an assistant lecturer in the Psychology department at UNE, I teach courses for students enrolled in all 3 of our majors, with a focus on courses for the animal behavior major. These courses include animal cognition, comparative animal behavior, introduction to methods and techniques in animal behavior, psychology statistics and research methods, and introduction to psychology. My graduate studies in experimental psychology focused on the association between sound and behavior... Read More


animal communication

cetacean social behavior and communication

acoustic communication

interaction of sound and behavior

humpback whale song

Glenn Stevenson

Professor of Psychology

Program Coordinator, Neuroscience

(207) 602-2285

Decary Hall

Before joining the faculty in 2005, Dr. Stevenson had two successful careers: one as a professional musician in Boston; the other working for luxury hotel brands in Washington, D.C. and Boston. Dr. Stevenson embarked on his third career by completing a Ph.D. in Behavioral Neuroscience at American University and trained in the Psychopharmacology laboratory of Dr. Anthony L. Riley. Following his graduate training, he did a post-doctoral fellowship in Pharmacology in the laboratory of Dr. Steve Negus at McLean Hopspital / Harvard Medical School.... Read More


Drug development; preclinical methods development; opioid pharmacology; pain; exercise; drug abuse; drug interactions

Professional Staff

Seth Davis

Research Associate/Lab Manager

My undergraduate training was at Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon where I focused primarily on Psychology/Neuroscience.  I then went to Western Illinois University for my Masters degree in Experimental Psychology, where I explored attentional deficits in rats consuming high-fat diets, and potential reversible mechanisms with modern antipsychotic drugs.  I recently completed my Ph.D. in experimental psychology at Washington State University.  My main area of interest was sex differences in the analgesic and rewarding effects of morphine using a chronic inflammatory pain... Read More


behavioral pharmacology

animal behavior


Professor Emeritus of Psychology



Developmental Psychology

Stress in Childhood

Community Interventions

Stress Management in Childrern