Beyond the Classroom

Applied Capstone Experiences

As a Sociology major, you complete an internship and a semester-long Applied Capstone Experiences. You explore crucial aspects of the discipline in a real world setting.

There are three different ways to fulfill the Applied Capstone Experiences:


You may take between 9 and 16 credits to complete this ACE. Students may select from more than 800 sites in the departmental database. This learning opportunity should parallel your area of interest and help you gain experience, skills and knowledge of how systems work and how to develop options in a given field.



You may take between 9 and 16 credits to complete this ACE. The thesis should build on the work you have done in the Sociology major. This academic work should prepare you for graduate study in disciplines that have been incorporated into your study.

Study Abroad

It typically takes 15-16 credits to complete a study abroad experience. While studying in a foreign society and culture is important, the primary focus is to take courses from the new institution that will help you to develop your areas of interest as it relates to your major. In short, there needs to be an integrated social science experience that drives the study abroad learning as well as the opportunity to explore a new society and culture for this to be a successful experience. All study abroad experiences should first be cleared with the department chair to see if they qualify to meet the requirement for the capstone.

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