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Sociology enables you to study human social behavior, focusing on culture, globalization, and political processes. You'll be exposed to theories and methods while analyzing a wide range of current social issues.

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Anthropology allows you to study the origin, behavior, and the physical, social, and cultural development of humans — in other words, the study of humanity itself. 

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Applied Social and Cultural Studies


This interdisciplinary major integrates sociology with anthropology, political science, psychology, communications, and other related fields of study, giving you a background in social science methods plus an introduction to a variety of disciplines.

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Latin American Studies


This interdisciplinary program combines subject matter from several academic disciplines to give you a broad background in the languages and the historical, political, social, cultural, economic, and geographic aspects of Latin America.

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Health, Medicine, and Society


You examine health, illness, disability and mental health issues, as well as the organizations that deliver health care, the production of medical knowledge, and alternative health systems. This is an ideal concentration if you want to pursue a career in public health, health administration, or mental health.