Women's and Gender Studies Curriculum

Curricular Requirements

Eighteen credits as indicated below will satisfy the minor in women's and gender studies

Program Required Courses

WGST 200 - Introduction to Women's Studies 3
WGST 400 - Capstone in Women's and Gender Studies or 
Advanced (300 - 400-level) WGST approved course (see list below)
Elective Credits (complete at least four of the courses below) 12
Minimum Required Total Credits  18
ENG 223 - Survey of Women's Literature
ENG 310 - Writing and Women's Health
ENG 327 - Women Writers of the World
ENV 331 - Women and the Environment
HIS 204 - Growing up Female: A History of American Girls
HIS 250 - American Women's History I 1600-1865
HIS 251 - American Women's History II 1865-present
HIS 252 - Gender in Latin American History
HIS 337 - Topics in Women's History
PHI 125 - Friendship, Love, Marriage and Sex
PSC 312 - The Family and Politics
PSC 321 - Women and Politics
PSC 432 - Autonomy and the Politics of Reproduction
PSC 450 - Contemporary Feminist Theories
PSY 215 - Psychology of Gender
SOC 240 - Race, Class, and Gender: Sociological Perspectives
SOC 350 - Deviance
WGST 101/201/301/401 - Topics in Women's and Gender Studies 
WGST 310 - Medieval Women in History and Legend
Women's and Gender Studies elective credit may be given for the following topics courses.  Examples of specific sections for which credit will be given are listed in parentheses.
ENG 216 - Topics in Law & Literature I (Criminals, Idiots and Minors)
ENG 234 - Topics in British Literature (Fallen Angels: New Woman Fiction in England and America)
ENG 326 - Topics in Literature & Health (Madness in Literature)
ENG 235 or ENG 435 - Topics in American Literature (Women of the West)
HIS 290 - History Hands On (Sex and Power: Women in the Americas)
HIS 399 - Topics in History (Gender and Sexuality in Latin American History)
XXX 276 - Human Traditions I (Gender and Politics)
PSY 405 - Special Topics Seminar (Psychology of Sexual Orientation)

Elective credit may, in some cases, be available through internships or directed studies when approved by the Advisory Committee for Women’s and Gender Studies. This elective credit must have content that is women and/or gender-focused.