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Welcome from the Director


Thank you for visiting the Center for Excellence in Aging and Health (CEAH) at the University of New England. This university-wide Center was formed in 2017 to advance inclusive, impactful research on human aging for the health and well-being of Mainers and others around the globe.

The Center is organized under the Office of the Provost, the academic and scholarly core of the University, and collaborates equally across all colleges, schools, departments, and programs. This is important, as human aging impacts all of us, and every academic and professional discipline has something to offer.

The challenges of human aging are often complex, and therefore benefits from interdisciplinary and interprofessional efforts. Human aging also presents numerous opportunities, some of which are only evident in the context of broad, inclusive scholarship. The CEAH strives to be a place and platform for shared dialog on questions encompassing any and all aspects of health and wellness. Questions drive projects, and projects bring results. The best this Center can and should offer are results that matter to our urban and rural neighbors alike.

A new Center must start somewhere. As of Fall 2018, we have defined our vision and mission. We have launched our signature program, the UNE Legacy Scholars Program, to welcome older adults to our table for conversation, scholarship, and service. As Director, I’m also talking to stakeholders at UNE and in our wider community about potential partnerships and collaboration. I expect the Center’s shift from formation to action to be gradual on some fronts, decisive on others.

In five years, my goal is to have 2,000 older adults actively engaged with us as Legacy Scholars, a thriving Post-Doctoral Fellowship program training new Ph.D.’s in aging research, and a reputation on and off campus for thoughtful, engaging educational and mentorship programs in support of high quality scholarship on human aging across many domains – physical, functional, psychological, medical, existential, etc.

If you see yourself (or those you care about) in anything you have read on this page or anywhere on this site, please reach out to me and let’s talk. Conversation and questions are the starting points for meaningful, impactful research. Join with us to make a difference! You are invited to our table.

Tom Meuser, Ph.D.
Founding Director, CEAH

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