Legacy Scholars Program

Where generations meet, learn, and grow together


The Center for Excellence in Aging & Health invites adults, aged 60+ years, from Maine and elsewhere, to join with our students, faculty and staff in shared scholarship and service in support of healthy, meaning‐filled aging.

Legacy Scholars

Legacy Scholars are willing to participate as subjects in research studies on health and wellness in aging. What’s asked will vary by study. One study might involve just a survey. Another might include an interview or clinical evaluation in an office. Scholars choose the studies they wish to support.


Serving as a Legacy Scholar involves volunteering for at least one research study in a given 3‐year period. Time commitments can vary from a few hours per year to a few hours per week depending on the individual. All Scholars support research at UNE by:

  • Joining a listing (registry) of persons interested in volunteering for research studies. Most will receive 2‐5 study invitations per year.  
  • Filling out at least one online (or paper) questionnaire in a given year.
  • Being willing, if invited, to sit for interviews with students from various professional disciplines.  
  • Attending an annual Scholars Breakfast where Scholars are honored for their service and faculty present their research findings.

Does it cost anything to join?

Membership is free. Scholars cover their own travel to classes and events.   

How does it benefit volunteers?

Scholars help to advance research at UNE, and lessons from this work may improve the lives of others. Once enrolled, Legacy Scholars become part of the UNE Family and are invited to sit in on courses, participate in cultural events, sit for recorded life story interviews, and join in other enrichment activities. Legacy Scholars are free to say “no” to any research or other activity that doesn’t correspond with their time, energy or interest. 

What’s the first step?

Prospective Scholars complete the initial registration form. A more detailed registration process follows 1‐2 weeks later, and includes a consent form, study examples, and how privacy is protected.

UNE Legacy Scholars Program — Initial Registration Survey

Becoming a Legacy Scholar is a two‐step process:  

  1. You indicate your interest by providing your name, contact information, and a little about you. This information is reviewed by Dr. Meuser and his assistant, and you will be assigned an ID number as a new Legacy Scholar.  
  2. Final Registration occurs a week or two later. You will receive an online link by email (or a paper packet to your home if you choose) which explains the commitment to support research at UNE and a consent form to review. If you are comfortable proceeding and sign the consent, you will also be asked a few pages of questions about your daily life, health, well being, and common challenges in aging. Your answers will help Dr. Meuser link you with relevant studies and other enrichment activities. All personal information you provide is kept confidential. Once final registration is complete, new Scholars receive a special magnetic nametag (i.e., to wear on campus), as well as information about open studies, attending classes, recording a life story, etc.     

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