The Center for Excellence in Aging and Health (CEAH) supports UNE faculty, professional staff, and students to engage in applied research on healthful aging that involves human subjects. UNE investigators are invited to request support for new and ongoing research ideas and needs.

Older adults desire to age in place during their final years of life. The extension of human healthspan — the period of life when health and function are sufficient for personal meaning and fulfillment — is an important organizing theme of CEAH research.

We also promote seven "pillars” for aging research to encourage interdisciplinary and interprofessional thinking around relevant target areas.

The Legacy Scholars Program (LSP) is a longitudinal research registry for adults aged 55 and older. Members complete an annual survey on health and wellness and agree to volunteer for Institutional Review Board (IRB)-approved studies by UNE investigators.

CEAH offers the following services

  • Invite Legacy Scholars to engage with students in learning activities. UNE faculty and professional staff can use this online form to request that scholars assist with their teaching or service activities.
  • Assistance in the recruitment of human subjects for IRB approved studies.
  • De-identified datasets in support of exploratory studies and student projects. Review the LSP Data Manual (PDF) for the approximately 200 variables presently collected on an annual basis.
  • Consultation on research questions, methods, etc.
  • Funding support for pilot data collection and innovative, high-risk projects.
  • Free poster printing services for conference presentations relevant to aging.
  • Partnership in the development of programs, workshops, and other offerings to enhance the research skills of UNE faculty, professional staff, and students.

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