Explore this list of the questions that we’re frequently asked by faculty.

What is the IP Honors Distinction?
The IP Honors Distinction is designed to recognize student effort that goes above and beyond your department’s curricular norms for IPE. 

How does the IP Honors Distinction work?
Students may pursue the distinction for their entire academic career, it is awarded upon graduation. Students are required to attend three IPE events, as found on the CECE event calendar on the web, and complete a team project. Each event must be documented by a one-page written reflection, to be uploaded to their IP Honors Distinction Portfolio. Upon completion and approval of the team project by their faculty mentor, they must present their work to an interprofessional faction of the UNE Community, and upload it to their portfolio. Each program is at liberty to interpret these elements differently.

What are the Faculty Expectations?
Each student will choose a faculty mentor. Faculty mentors — you are the expert on your students, their scope of training, and your profession’s roles and responsibilities on the health care team. It is your responsibility to evaluate your student’s reflections, team project and final presentation. Each student on the team project will have their own faculty mentor. The amount of time this will take over the curricular life of your student depends on your mentoring style, and the complexity of the student’s final project. Programs or individual faculty are welcome to place limits on how many students they are willing to mentor, or allow to apply for the distinction. If our numbers grow too great, additional requirements may be created, to keep the honor “distinct.”

What are the Student Expectations?
Students must be in good academic standing, and have a proven track record of professional comportment, both on campus and in clinical settings, to qualify for the IP Honors Distinction. Communication with your faculty mentor is key to the success and standards of this distinction.

What are CECE’s Responsibilities?

The CECE office will provide the online tools to allow programs to track and manage the application process and online portfolio. CECE will provide the certificate and cord (if your program allows this), at graduation. CECE will provide one opportunity per semester to present team project posters or other presentations (students are encouraged to present elsewhere, such as in clinical settings, to uni-professional groups, or to the public, as appropriate - these presentations can count toward the Distinction). 

What are the Steps To Completion?
Students must identify a faculty mentor and complete an application.

  • The faculty member works with the student to plan the steps toward distinction and identify a meaningful project.
  • The IP Honors Distinction application is completed by the student and faculty members sign, or indicate by email approval, willingness to serve as mentor.
  • Students must attend no fewer than three CECE events, as identified on the online CECE events calendar, or by their program.
  • Students must produce written reflections upon the interprofessional nature of the event, tied (if possible) to the core competencies. When application is complete, CECE will provide a link to the online portfolio. It is the student’s responsibility to upload their reflections to the portfolio and share it with their faculty mentor and ipec@une.edu.
  • Students must participate in some kind of team project as provided by CECE, or authorized by CECE and their program. Student must complete an application for their final project, which you must sign, or indicate by email that you approve and are willing to serve as mentor. Each student on the project must complete the application, and have it approved by their faculty mentor.
  • Students must present their project to an interprofessional faction of the UNE community.
  • When the portfolio is complete, the student must share the link with their mentor and IPEC@une.edu.
  • Some programs will keep a copy of the application form in the student’s file.
  • No later than 3 weeks prior to graduation, faculty mentors will indicate to CECE via letter or email that the student is eligible to receive — and deserving of — the distinction. At this time, CECE will produce a certificate, upload it to their portfolio and provide a cord to the faculty mentors to be given at graduation (if your program allows cords at graduation). 

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