To request an Individual Consultation, call or email the center at ext. 2300 or

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning will work with you to examine and enhance your teaching through systematic evidence-based analysis, reference to research on teaching and learning, and self-reflection.

Consultations are formative, intended to assist you in achieving your goals. Consultations also are completely separate from the UNE’s formal summative processes for evaluating faculty for the purposes of reappointment, promotion, and tenure. All consultations are confidential and may be initiated only upon your request.

You may initiate conversations on a wide range of topics, such as

  • Course design
  • Teaching effectiveness
  • Innovative teaching methodologies (including the use of technology)
  • How to pursue scholarship that is tied with your teaching
  • How to develop the teaching portion of your annual review and/or e-Binder

Potential Formats include

  • Formal or informal conversation—could be conducted on campus, via email or by phone focused on a pedagogical issue, concern, or exploration that you have identified
  • Review of materials—e.g., feedback on a course syllabus, assignments
  • Ongoing support to integrate a new methodology
  • Classroom observation—a class could be observed with feedback provided corresponding to what your goals are
  • Support for work in the scholarship of teaching and learning

The video below is an example of a collaboration between CETL and the Physical Therapy Department. Do you have a part of your class which students resist, only to find later in their program that it was an essential learning? In this case, it was the introduction of SOAP notes. Sharing this video with students has made significant postive changes in their attitudes toward this assignment. If you have a part of your class that you would like to highlight its importance, let us know and we could work with you on formulating a solution.

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