Please make sure you fully read FLC program information and use the information provided to complete the Application to Facilitate a Faculty Learning Community.

This is a two-step process. You apply to facilitate an FLC. Your application is reviewed by the CETL Advisory Committee. If accepted your FLC is announced to the full university and then faculty apply to participate. Their applications are also reviewed by the committee.  

FLCs should strive to fulfill a central component of the UNE strategic plan with an emphasis on UNE Strategic Priority 1, Exceptional Teaching and Learning. Each year we will endeavor to have as diverse a selection of FLCs as possible in terms of topics, campuses, colleges, and programs. FLCs are open to all faculty members — full and part-time — in good standing with the UNE community. Participation is dependent on the ability to complete an independent project pertaining to the topic of the FLC.   

There will be a kick-off for all FLCs led by Marc Ebenfield. Facilitators will meet with Marc three times each semester as a group to discuss the facilitation process. Facilitators receive a stipend of $1,500 or service for Renewal/Promotion/Tenure (RPT). Co-facilitators receive a stipend of $1,000 each or service for RPT. 

The application to facilitate an FLC will require the following information

  • Name(s) of facilitator(s)  
  • Rank(s) 
  • Department (s) 
  • Title of proposed FLC 
  • Description of the topic, why you would like to facilitate an FLC, and key questions that will guide the community
  • How the proposed FLC helps UNE advance fulfillment of UNE Strategic Priority 1
  • List 3-5 possible individual projects that could be undertaken by participants in this FLC.  
  • Possible schedule of topics, readings, and activities for the FLC meetings, including possible retreats or guest speakers 
  • The audience for the FLC and rationale for limiting participation to certain faculty/programs if you choose to do so.  
  • Your thoughts on strategies for recruiting members to your FLC
  • If the FLC has more applicants than we can accommodate, how will you determine participation?
  • Meeting day/time for FLC 90 minutes is best, 75–80 minutes is acceptable.  


  • November 22: Applications due 
  • December 6: Facilitators notified of acceptance 
  • December 13: FLCs announced to UNE community 
  • January 6: Participant applications due
  • January 17: Participants hear back  
  • January 31: Biddeford kick-off for all facilitators and participants*
  • February 7: Portland kick-off for all facilitators and participants*

*Participants may attend either event

Criteria for selecting topics

  • Up to 7 FLCs each year consisting of open FLCs and FLCs facilitated by teaching scholars 
  • Direct connection with UNE Strategic Priority 1 
  • Wide applicability 
  • Deep potential impact  
  • Clear interest established in the community 
  • Diversity of FLC topics, colleges, programs represented among facilitator applications  

Criteria for selecting participants

  • Diversity of departments, colleges, programs (unless otherwise specified by the facilitator)
  • Participation in prior FLCs (spread the wealth) 
  • 1 FLC per faculty member per year 
  • Quality of answers to specific questions posed within each application 
  • Feasibility of the proposed topic  
  • Limit of $3,000 to provide stipends of $500 for adjuncts to participate 

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