You have a number of tools available to create course materials. When using new technology or tools in the classroom, it is important to remember that they should enhance learning or solve a problem — introducing technology for technology's sake does not often yield a positive end result. There are many different types of teaching technologies. Here, we have focused on the two most common needs of faculty: presentation in the classroom and capturing lectures.

Presentation in the classroom



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This is a popular presentation tool used in most classrooms. We have included quick tips to make your slide deck more effective. There are also training sessions available through ITS. 

Google Slides

Slides shares many similar features with PowerPoint. It is excellent for group work since students can work simultaneously on a slide deck in real time.


A presentation tool that features zoom and pan features to move from image to image on an endless canvas. This is now a fully paid application



Setting a YouTube start time

This quick tutorial shows you how to create a link in your presentation that starts a YouTube video at a specific moment in the video.

Active Classroom Tutorials This group of CETL-created tutorials look at technical aspects of Marcil 303 and Blewett 108. The videos explain the Extron Room Control Panel, the Document Camera, SMART LCD Annotation, and SMART LCD Annotation with Power Point.

Capturing Lectures or Screen Casting



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Quick Time

This built-in Mac tool allows for screen and webcam capture.



The record slide show feature in PowerPoint 2016, allows you to make video tutorials from your presentations.

Screen Cast-omatic This web-based screen recorder allows you to create lecture material from your desktop. There are editing tools on paid versions.
Zoom This video conference tool allows you to hold synchronous online meetings, and classes while recording for later review. Great tools to push content to student computers for active learning.  Can also be used as a screen/lecture recording tool. Free to UNE Community on OKTA.

Zoom Website Tutorials.

Contact CETL for more support.


This Mac editing tool allows you to edit your videos and add music, title slides, narration, etc. It has green screen and split screen features as well.

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Links can be shared on Blackboard, making it easy for students to view on any platform or device. UNE faculty can easily set up an account with your current credentials.

Contact CETL for a consultation

Explain Everything


This iPad app allows you to create quick tutorials or full screen casts with narration and annotation. Annotate on the built-in whiteboard, your own imported photos, PowerPoint slides, and videos.

Explain Everything

This subscription-based service has the features of Classic and extras that work across platforms.

Show Me

This app turns your iPad into a whiteboard that allows you to annotate and narrate tutorials and demonstrations.

Skype for Business Part of UNE's 365 suite, this app can be used to hold a live class virtually and/or record content to be posted later.

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