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Engaging Your Students

Research demonstrates that student outcomes are higher when they are engaged with the material and participating in classroom activities. Subtle adjustments that shift a student from a passive listener to an engaged participant will increase the rewards for both students and faculty. There are many different approaches to increasing student engagement including:  group work, discussion, wireless presentation/mobile presenting, polling, case-based learning, and flipped classrooms.

Group work

A great way to encourage engagement through peer interaction.



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A web tool that provides an interface to assist faculty with creating, supporting, and giving feedback to student groups in their classroom. There is a per-student fee to use this software.

Google Docs

A Google Chrome-based tool for creating group presentations and monitoring group activity. 

Docs allows students to create and share documents and slide presentations that can be collaborated on in real time.


Encouraging students to engage with the material and express their ideas to the entire class and smaller groups.



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Teaching Controversial Topics

This document will offer an overview of aspects to consider when you bring controversial topics into your class for discussion and debate.

Wireless Presentation

These tools will allow you to step away from the podium and into the classroom, opening opportunities for better student connection and engagement.



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Slide Advancer

This wireless handheld device advances the slides of your presentation, although we often forgot that this allows us to move around the room to easily engage with students.


This app and matching computer software allows you to control your computer desktop with your iPad, annotate on your presentation, and record.


Although designed as video conference software, this app has the ability to mirror an iPad directly to a computer. The image can then be displayed to the room via the room presentation system.

Soltice Pod

This device is currently only available in Marcil 303 and Blewett 108. You are able to connect any device to the display, including student devices.

Polling/Asking Questions

The tools below allow you to poll students in real time. Excellent formative assessment tool to gauge students' understanding.



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Poll Everywhere

This tool allows students to respond via text message, app or webpage on almost any device. Polls can be placed into PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slide presentations. The free version is limited to 40 responses per poll.


This tool allows students to respond with any web-enabled device. Polls can be conducted and viewed from any website. Note: Socrative does not interact with presentation software.


The social media tool will allow you to open a "back channel." This is a stream that can occur simultaneously to your presentation, out of view, to monitor student tweets, questions, and comments.

Evidence-based Teaching

Expanding on the umbrella term "flipped," these techniques explore and implement evidence- and research-based teaching practices that restructure class time to improve student outcomes and meeting course objectives.  



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Just in Time Teaching

The student-centered technique was introduced by Novak, Gavrin, Christian, and Patterson in the late 1990s for physics education and has since been adopted by instructors for a number of disciplines.

Case-based Learning

This learner centered technique engages students in specific examples that resemble, or typically are, real world examples.



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This model implemented by the Physical Therapy department uses video conferencing technology to bring the patient and therapist into the classroom.