Blackboard is the Learning Management System (LMS) used at UNE. Utilizing the LMS in your course can benefit faculty and students. Within Blackboard you can post required course materials, create quizzes, build and monitor discussion groups, collect assignments, maintain your grade book, and utilize a host of other functions.  

Set-up and help is available through the ITS Department. You can contact the ITS help desk at ext. 2487 or

Contact CETL if you have questions concerning pedagogy and Blackboard. 


Blackboard Introduction

Covers signing in and a look at the general layout.


Fostering Student Contact

Explains the pedagogy and mechanics behind fostering student contact through Blackboard. It addresses creating announcements, email within a course, and holding office hours.


Discussion Boards/Discussion Threads

Explains the importance of discussion threads, how to access them, and their different components. A solid foundation for getting started.


Facilitating a Discussion Thread

Explains how to facilitate a discussion thread, including sample questions. Watch 

How to Set Up Groups

Explains how to create groups of students within a discussion thread.


How to Grade Discussion Threads

Explains the process and tools available for grading discussion threads within Blackboard.


Grading with a Rubric Explains how to grade an assignment using the rubric within Blackboard Watch

Blackboard Instructor Help

The Blackboard Instructor help landing page. Items here are general and answers may not reflect all aspects of the UNE system. Learn More 

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