How do I disseminate my findings?



In the first section, “Dedicated Journals Focused on Teaching and Learning,” you will find 35 journals that are focused on teaching and learning, but do not stop there! Check out the other two sections, “Search Engines for Additional Journals” and “Recent SoTL Articles and the Diverse Journals in which they have been published.” You quickly will note that a wide range of journals will be interested in publishing SoTL articles beyond those who exclusively focus on SoTL. In short, your search should not be limited to dedicated SoTL journals with “teaching and learning” in their title, but many professional journals across varied fields are recognizing SoTL research as worthy of publishing.

SoTL projects involve human subjects — namely your students. Consequently your proposed project must be reviewed by UNE’s Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects prior to launching it.

If you have any questions about SoTL, please stop by one of our offices or email us at

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