Recent SoTL Articles and the Diverse Journals in which they have been published

Journal Title

2016-17 Article published

Advances in Physiology Education

Educating for Ecological Literacy

American Biology Teacher

Transformations: Approaches to College Science Teaching

American Journal of Occupational Therapy

Impact of a Child-Based Health Promotion Service-Learning Project on the Growth of Occupational Therapy Students

American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education

An Analysis of Community Pharmacy Shared Faculty Members’ Contributions to Teaching, Service, and Scholarship

Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education

How to Achieve Accurate Peer Assessment for High Value Written Assignments in a Senior Undergraduate Course

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education

Targeting Change:  Assessing a Faculty Learning community Focused on Increasing Statistics Content in Life Science Curricula

Canadian Journal of Higher Education

Examining Undergraduate Students' Conceptions of Inquiry in Terms of Epistemic Belief Differences


Broad & Capacious: A New Norm for Instructional Development in a Research Setting

Classical World

The Classics Now: Changing Discourses, Emerging Opportunities

College Teaching

Mentored Teaching, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Teaching

Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning

Preceptor Perceptions of Fourth Year Student Pharmacists’ Abilities Regarding Patient Counseling on Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes

Distance Education

Self-regulation of Learning and Preference for Written Versus Audio-recorded Feedback by Distance Education Students


Physical Science Day: Design, Implementation, and Assessment

Education Sciences

MOOCs as Change Agents to Boost Innovation in Higher Education Learning Arenas

Educational Assessment, Evaluation and Accountability

Why Use Learning Outcomes in Higher Education? Exploring the Grounds for Academic Resistance and Reclaiming the Value of Unexpected Learning

Higher Education Studies

Understanding Students’ Experiences of Well-Being in Learning Environments

Innovative Higher Education

Faculty Engagement in Mentoring Undergraduate Students: How Institutional Environments Regulate and Promote Extra-role Behavior

International Journal for Academic Development

Enhancing the Status of Peer Observation through the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

International Journal for Lesson and Learning Studies

A Participatory Approach to lesson Student in Higher Education

International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship

Learning Styles: Impact on Knowledge and Confidence in Nursing Students in Simulation and Classroom

Journal of College Teaching and Learning

Student Usage and Perceptions of the Value of Recorded Lectures in a Traditional Face-To-Face (F2F) Class

Journal of Dental Hygiene

Assessing Faculty Development Needs among Florida’s Allied Dental Faculty

Journal of Education

Rethinking Teaching and Learning Mathematics for Social Justice from a Critical Race Perspective

Journal of Faculty Development

Faculty Challenges across Rank in Liberal Arts Colleges: A Human Resources Perspective

Journal of Interprofessional Care

The Adult Student Priorities Survey(TM): An Analysis at a Private Central Appalachian University

Journal of Physical Therapy Education

Using the PRECEDE-PROCEED Model and Service-Learning to Teach Health Promotion and Wellness: An Innovative Approach for Physical Therapist Professional Education

Journal of Professional Nursing

The Collaborative Improvement Model: An Interpretive Study of Revising a Curriculum

Journal of Social Work Education

Conceptualizing the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning for Social Work Education

Liberal Education

The Neglected Learner: A Call to Support Integrative Learning 

Medical Teacher

Using a Blog as an Integrated eLearning Tool and Platform

Nurse Education in Practice

The Role of Nurse Educators’ Self-perception and Beliefs in the Use of Learner-centered Teaching in the Classroom

Nurse Education Today

Let’s Talk about Society:  a Critical Discourse Analysis of Sociology Courses in Pre-registration Nursing

Nurse Educator

Use of a Needs Assessment in the Development of an Interprofessional Faculty Development Program

Nursing Education Perspectives

Teaching Appreciative Inquiry

Primus: Problems, Resources and Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies

Re"modeling" College Algebra: An Active Learning Approach

Addressing Negative Math Attitudes with Service-Learning

PS, Political Science & Politics

Online Teaching and Assessment

Review of Higher Education

Re-envisioned Contributions: Experiences of Faculty Employed at Institutional Types that Differ from their Original Aspirations

Teacher Education Quarterly

"How can I help?": Practicing Familial Support through Simulation

Teaching Journalism & Mass Communication

Teaching Integrated Marketing Communication Campaigns

Teaching of Psychology

An Effective Intervention in Research Methods That Reduces Psychology Majors’ Sexist Prejudices

Teaching Sociology

Recursive Exercises to Help Students Engage and Recognize Sociological Shifts

Women in Higher Education

Improve Teaching or Research? SoTL Method Does Both

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