About the Center for Global Humanities

The Center for Global Humanities offers lectures by leading scholars to help us better understand the challenges besetting our civilization and outline new solutions for nations and peoples to live together without prejudice.

Global in perspective, the Center’s lectures are streamed live on the Internet, allowing our speakers to answer questions from any country. Because the Center believes in the vital necessity of a humanities culture to civic and democratic life, it works closely with the local community to encourage reading, discussion, and debate.

The Center was founded in 2009 by UNE scholar Anouar Majid, Ph.D., who serves as its director.

The discussion was thought-provoking and opened our mind to different perspectives. — Tom and Mary Patterson, Portland Press Herald

All scholars, lecturers, and instructors at the Center for Global Humanities are considered Fellows during the academic year in which they participate to enhance the mission of the Center.